Entry for November 26, 2008

A few days after the spanking with my grandmother’s razor strap, my grandmother told me be behavior in the last year has been horrible and I deserve more than one spanking a week. She said that while she is staying here, she will make sure I get a lot more. She had me strip naked and took me over her knee. She slapped my butt with her hand for quite a while until I got too heavy for her. She made me lay back on her bed and hold my legs up. She sat down next to me and started spanking me with her hand. I got it all over my butt and especially on my legs. She sent me to get dressed and nothing more was said about it.

The next day, she told me to meet her in her bedroom after lunch for a “chat”. The chat was me naked on her bed again and leaving with a red butt and legs. She mentioned the daily spankings were between just the two of us. I certainly did not tell my mother for fear of getting the strap again.

Last Thursday at dinner, my grandmother told my mother about our “chats” and I wanted to sink under the table. My mother looked at me and told me she hoped I was behaving myself for my grandmother.

On Friday my mother spanked me with her hairbrush followed by a spanking from my grandmother. My mother went out with her girlfriends from work while I was in bed. I had my own babysitter for the night.

On Saturday night, the tawse made an appearance all over my butt and legs as they both had me laying on my mothers bed. My grandmother held my legs back while my mother gave me stroke after stroke. I was made to stand in the corner for over an hour.

Every day this week I have had a “chat” with my grandmother in her bedroom, followed by an hour or more in the corner. My grandmother tells me she wants me to spend the summer with her next year. I know the “chats” will happen all the time and maybe worse.


One Response to “Entry for November 26, 2008”

  1. Angie Says:

    hey you.
    I’ve never really been a fan of Fm stories, just didn’t appeal to me, but, the drawing got me in ,and I found myself Really intrigued by it.
    Thank you.

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